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How to Get Your Child to Eat Vegetables

We all know that our children’s diets should consist of more fruits and vegetables than chicken nuggets and french fries, but sometimes that is much easier said than done. If your picky eater would rather go to bed early than let a single green pea touch their lips, you’re not alone. Consider using these tips at the dinner table to get your kids to eat more vegetables without all the kicking and screaming.

Give Vegetables First
Hungry kids are much more likely to eat whatever it is that you give them. Offer up raw veggies and dip at snack time. For dinner, serve a plate of vegetables before anything else and encourage them to try a few bites. You’ll have a greater chance of getting them to eat the healthy stuff if they haven’t already filled up on bread or pasta. (more…)

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Helpful Tips to a Parent

Being a parent is a full-time job. It doesn’t have a limited time period nor is it something that you can transfer. Regardless of how one feels about it, parenting will never be an easy task to do no matter how old your children get.

This means that you need all the help you can get. Knowing about the experiences of other people will help you learn how to cope with situations that are similar to yours. Because every child is unique, there is no singular way to become a good parent. In your walk through parenthood, there will always be room for improvement and some of the tips that may come in handy for you include: (more…)

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Tips on Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Tips on Decorating a Child’s Bedroom

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a fun and exciting time. Of course, your child will be very excited to have a room all by himself; and, as a parent, you try to make him happy by decorating his room in the best way possible. At the outset, you can ask him what his preferences are and you can make this your starting point in conceptualizing the bedroom decors. Aside from that, you might want to consider some helpful tips that will make your endeavor easier and more budget-friendly.

As much as possible, keep it simple. You don’t have to buy designer brands to make the bedroom look beautiful. Unless you have money to burn, you would want to stay within your budget. Also, bear in mind that children can grow very fast and will soon outgrow many things. Hence, your best bet would be pieces that are classic and functional at the same time, which can last several years.

A bedroom is one way for a child to express his personality. To incorporate his taste in the room’s interiors, you can ask him to list down all the things he wants to have in his room. You can choose five of the most important items from the list and add the others in accordance to your budget.

Although a child’s bedroom should be fun, don’t overdo it. Some parents fall into the trap of putting in too many colors and print on the walls, furniture and lighting fixtures. This can be impractical, considering how your kid’s preferences can change in just a few years. Opt instead to use one bright color and mix in some prints, or have a mural on the wall. You can then add some accents around the room.

Remember that a bedroom’s primary function is sleeping. If the space allows, furnish the room with a full-sized bed so you won’t have to buy another one as your child grows. You child who is under five feet now can be more than six feet in a matter of years; and a twin-sized bed will not be a comfortable space to sleep in anymore. Making the room an ideal place for slumber also means paying attention to choosing window treatments that provide the proper shading from light. Additionally, the windows have to be properly installed to avoid air drafts that can disturb sleep. To ensure that there are no leaks in your windows, you can have them checked by professionals like Doors Wide Open, a windows and doors Peterborough specialist.

Another consideration to take into account is storage. Invest in a good-quality shelves and bookcases, where your child can display his items and store his books. Since these pieces of furniture will be used for a number of years, it is best to choose neutral colors in painting them. Fun colors can be added to the more disposable and easy-to-change items like trash bins, pillow covers and other knick knacks.

There are many ways to decorate your kid’s room. Some are elegant and chic; and others are colorful and fun. Whatever the style is, it is a showcase of your love for your child; and for this reason alone, your child’s bedroom will look amazing.

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Parenting 101: A Few Essential Tips for Raising your Kids

Parenting 101: A Few Essential Tips for Raising your Kids

Parenting is a hard task because of all the responsibilities it comes along with. You are raising another human being, and that will be your job for a very long time. However, in between sleepless nights and growing love for your kid, it can be hard to figure out the paths with just your partner helping you out. Every once in a while, you have to reach your hand out and ask for help. However, that’s totally okay because people have walked the hard road of parenting before, and they want to give out advice. So, without further ado, here are some tips that can help you raise your kid well.

Help them Build Unique Skills
If there’s one thing that the world needs right now, its kids with the confidence to try out new things, but, when kids are young, they may lack the confidence to take that first step. So, if you want your child to do something out of the box, you’ll have to encourage them. Soft words and a few praises will work, but pushing them a little along the way can do wonders. At the same time, if you find that your kid doesn’t want to learn then urge them to look for things they’re interested in. Maybe they’d like to try out the best RC helicopter brand, or another kind of high maintenance hobby.

Learning How to Problem Solve
While you do have to hold your kid’s hand for some things, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to solve all of their problems. In fact, helping them get through every struggle is just as negative as neglecting them. What you have to do is strike the right balance. Whenever you help your kid out, it would be wise to show them how they can solve this problem on their own. When you know they can handle a situation, then let them handle it. If they ask for an assist when it becomes something bigger, then you can step in and help them find a solution.

Joke with your Kids
Laughter is a great way to connect with your kids . Being able to make your little ones laugh uncontrollably would be better. This’ll teach them to learn a thing or two about hope. That’s invaluable for when they have to manage stress during times of strife. It also sets them up so that they can think creatively. So don’t forget to get them something fun like the best RC helicopter just because those little flying choppers are awesome.

Learn about them
While it is good to foster and encourage your kid’s skills, sometimes, we lose focus on one thing that’s very important. Your kids will eventually grow up and be adults too, so learning about who they are early on would be a good thing. Take an actual interest in what they like to do and who they are. You can lead them off some bad paths, but you have to learn to accept them for who they are.

While you’re taking care of your kid, you should make sure to take good care of yourself as well. A child’s mental health is also dependent on their parents’ wellbeing. Finally, relax! Being a parent can be a fun and fulfilling experience in the long run!

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Gardening as a Family

Gardening as a Family

Getting your children to eat their fruits and greens is a difficult task. Often, much coaxing, bargaining and even time-outs and scolding. The truth is, children would eat vegetables and fruits if they know where they come from. Most families just buy their vegetables from the grocery store and children merely experience them as something that is forced upon them. There is a way to make children more involved in the food preparation process in order to make them appreciate vegetables. Besides asking them to wash or help trim the veggies before they are cooked, preparing a small backyard or side garden is also a good way to inculcate the value of healthy eating to young children.

Children as young as three years old can already be taught how to garden. They can work with small shovels and work on scattering the seeds and watering the plants afterwards. Parents should be able to explain to children how plants grow from seeds and how they need water and sunlight to reach full maturity.

For older kids, they can already be placed in charge of picking tomatoes from the vine or lady fingers. These are easy to do and safe for them as well since no knives or sharp cutting implements are needed. These kids would better appreciate vegetables on the table since they know where they came from and they had a hand in making them grow.

Of course, there are some aspects of gardening where your children should not be involved in. If you use compost and fertilizers, better leave these to the adults. Kids might not be comfortable with using manure and organic compost and they may forget to wash their hands thoroughly afterwards. In backyard gardens like these, it is not advisable to use pesticides, especially since you are serving the vegetables to your own children.

Your kids’ health should be your utmost priority and helping them eat their veggies by gardening together is an ideal activity. For adults, you can also take healthy supplements to boost your immune system. Check out It works greens reviews online and browse through the catalogs for supplements that will help you become healthier and more resistant to illnesses.

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How to Organise a Great Party for the Kids

How to Organise a Great Party for the Kids

Summer is almost over and it’s time for one last get together before school begins again.  You want your children to have a good time with all their friends so you decide to throw a party. The only thing is, your garden really isn’t big enough, nor is it safe enough for so many children. So, what do you do?

You could speak to your local authority and hold the party in the park or perhaps one of the moms has a garden large enough. Wherever you choose to go, you want to make the party fun, safe and healthy at the same time.


Make sure you have plenty of food on hand but keep the sugar levels down with a good balance of healthy snacks too.  Make sure there is plenty to drink available, especially if it is hot and ensure there is plenty of shade for people to sit under when they eat.


All parties need games; they wouldn’t be complete without them.  Depending on where you hold the party will depend on the type of games you arrange. Some ideas include

  • A treasure hunt
  • Water fights – perfect on a hot day but make sure kids have a change of clothes.
  • Talent shows – perhaps a mini x-factor style game, plays, etc.
  • Obstacle courses if venue size allows

Professional Entertainment

If you really are stuck for ideas then hire a professional entertainer to take the strain. Ideas include:

  • Magician
  • Comedy act
  • Musical act
  • Balloon modeler
  • Puppet shows
  • Disco

Of course, the type of entertainment you choose will depend on the age group of your party.

Themed Party

This can be a lot of fun and you can tie it in with other elements of the party.  For example, if you are hiring a magician make the theme a wizard theme. The kids can dress up and the food and games could be done to match the theme, as well as the decorations.


Of course, having sufficient bathroom facilities is necessary.  For an outdoor party you could consider using a porta potty rental company, like this one. They will provide everything you need for a safe and hygienic party.

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Parents Also Need to Take Care of Themselves

Parents Also Need to Take Care of Themselves

As parents, our main focus is the well being of our children. We want to keep them safe and healthy; and we commit ourselves in giving them a comfortable and happy life. During the process, a lot of parents tend to forget about themselves. However, this should not be the case.  We should take care of ourselves so we would have the energy to keep up with our kids. This would also prevent us from getting sick, which is important as we will not be able to take care of our kids if we are unwell. That being said, here are some ways on how parents can take care of themselves properly so they can be there for their kids.

Manage Time

With so many responsibilities that you have in your hands it’s often difficult to find time for yourself.   However, this can be resolved through effective time management. Learn to manage your time so you can focus on doing things that matter most and still squeeze some “me” time that you can use to relax. Stress can take a toll on you and aside from physical health, this could also affect you emotionally and mentally, which in turn could negatively affect the way you deal with your kids.

Let Family Members Help

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Let your partner and kids do their part. Assign tasks that they could do. This is also one way of teaching the children on how to be responsible.

Have a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy diet and exercise is important. There are healthy recipes that are quick to prepare, which is good for your health and the kids’ health as well. Since going to the gym may not be an option because of your busy schedule, try to incorporate at least 30 minutes to an hour of walk or jog each day.

If you don’t feel well, go to the doctor immediately for proper diagnosis and treatment. Don’t wait for the condition to get worse as this could prevent you from looking after the kids. Due to aging and activities that may strain the feet, varicose veins could also develop. They can be painful, which again, may hinder you from keeping up with the youngsters.

Pittsburgh has several treatments available for this concern. Sclerotherapy is a varicose vein treatment in Pittsburgh that injects a solution to the veins to eliminate them. Other treatments include Endovenous Laser Treatment and Ambulatory Phlebectomy. They don’t require long recovery period so you can go back to your daily routine immediately.

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Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

Taking Care of Your Child’s Oral Health

The health of the child is important to parents. However, most of the time, oral health is often forgotten. This is equally important as neglecting your child’s oral health could cause tooth decay, which could cause pain and tooth loss. Moreover, bad oral hygiene could also lead to other problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Teaching your child early on proper oral care is recommended to prevent oral problems, as well as help them develop this habit, which they would bring with them until they grow up. Here’s how you can help your child take care of his oral hygiene.

Be a Role Model

Before even teaching your child to take care of his teeth and gums, you should set a good example yourself. Children look up to their parents and often imitate what they see in them. If you show them how it’s done, there’s a bigger chance that it wouldn’t be that difficult to make them do it as you live by example.

Guide Him in Brushing

As soon as your baby’s first teeth come out, brushing should be started. There are toothbrush and toothpaste that are designed for babies that you can use. Even before his teeth come out, dabbing the gums with wet clean cloth is recommended to help remove bacteria. Gently guide your kid in brushing his teeth when he reaches 2. By the time that he’s 4 or 5, he should be able to do it by himself, still with your supervision.

Assist Him in Flossing

Plaques and food particles can’t be removed by brushing alone. This is because there are hard to reach areas between the teeth and along the gum lines that can only be reached through flossing. You can start this at the age of 4. However, kids can usually do this alone when they reach 8 or 10.

Visit the Dentist

As with brushing, visit to the dentist should be done as soon as his first tooth shows up. You can find an affordable Scottsdale dentist who is an expert in dental and oral care. Preventive care would be given so your child could avoid unwanted oral problems.

Your doctor would give you further instructions on how to take care of your child’s oral health, as well as how often you should go for a regular check up.

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Do As I Do

So often, you read stories about how a parent or carer has punished a child for doing something wrong but how many of us consider that our children are only copying what they see others do.  It’s up to as parents to teach our children right from wrong and to teach them how to behave.

Tips and Strategies

It really should be common sense but it is easy to say to a child “don’t do that” instead of offering something else to do.  The following are basic tips to guiding your child and keeping them safe:

  • Keep it simple – your child has to understand exactly what you are saying
  • Don’t say “don’t” – come up with other ways of saying something whenever possible
  • Tal with, not at, your children. Include them in the discussion – they are more likely to remember what was said
  • Set the example – your children are watching what you do and say
  • Encourage your child to set a good example for other children
  • Give your child a choice when there is one, not when there isn’t one – an example of this is nap time – don’t ask your child if he/she wants to lay down. It’s nap time and your rule is everyone rests at that time.
  • Show your child some respect by talking about bad behavior in private – don’t haul him or her over the coals in front of everyone. Conversely, when they are good, you can praise them out loud

Learning to Socialize

Every child needs to be taught how to socialize with others. They need to learn how to solve problems – some of which will be of their own making – and how to apologize when it is necessary.

All children play rough at times and they get into fights. Some will hit out for no apparent reason although this is normally a sign of some inner conflict or frustration and the child doesn’t know how to display it any other way.

Safe not Sorry

In teaching your child how to behave, sometimes you have to give them a certain amount of free reign.  Encourage playtime because this is when they learn the most about socializing and about human behavior.

Sometimes play can lead to unexpected accidents that require medical attention and that can be expensive. Take out Gap health cover now to ensure you and your children are covered in the event of any unexpected and out of pocket expenses.

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Be a Parent to Other Children in Need

Children give you joy and a feeling of content in life. They are considered blessings by God. Sadly, not everyone feels this way. There are those who see children as burden as they have no money to raise them well. There are also those who see children as a hindrance to the achievement of their goals in life. As a result, lots of kids are abandoned. Some are left to die of hunger. There are also those who may have been a blessing to their parents, but have become orphans at a very young age.

The good news is that there are organizations such as UNICEF that provide help to these children. They extend help in terms of education, food, shelter and safety. They help those kids who really have no one to rely on. They are totally in need, and the best part is that you can be a part of the solution so they won’t suffer anymore.

Being a Global Parent

If you think that you can help by adopting one of them and raise them in your home, then it is not necessarily the case. The truth is that you can be a global parent by simply committing to a certain amount to help not just one child, but many children. If you commit to help them, your money will go a long way. It can feed a group of children over a period of time. It may buy them books that they need in schools. It may take them out of dangerous countries to seek refuge in a safer place.

Making Others Happy

For sure, you can make other children happy with the help that you extend. In fact, thousands of parents all over the world have committed to be a global parent. There are those who are not parents, but have also become foster parents to thousands of children in need. The feeling of satisfaction that you will get in doing this is the same feeling that you get by raising your own or even better. If you are interested in becoming a child sponsor now, visit here.

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Your Health is Their Health: Staying in Top Shape as a Parent

Being healthy is always important if you want to live a happy life. But it’s even more important if you have children–especially if they’re very young. Being out of shape, having poor eyesight, not getting enough sleep, and other unhealthy habits are a big no-no once you’ve become a parent. Sticking to a healthy lifestyle as a parent will not only help you react better and faster to your children’s needs, you’ll also be setting a good example for them.

Most parents are busy juggling work and family, and that is perfectly understandable. However, don’t use this as an excuse to do away with exercise. There are plenty of ways to sneak some exercise in between your appointments and duties, like using part of your lunch break to hit the gym or using an exercise ball for a seat. As long as you’re doing something that uses up energy, you’re exercising. Get creative and try to find ways to shed some calories in the office!

When it comes to looking after children, both literally and figuratively, good eyesight is essential. If you’re one of the lucky ones to never need glasses or contact lenses, do your best to keep it that way by eating vision-prolonging foods such as leafy vegetables, oily fish, and fruits. If you need glasses, make sure to visit the optometrist regularly to have your vision checked. Or better yet, invest in laser eye surgery for a more permanent solution. If this sounds scary to you, don’t be–in Wisconsin alone, specifically in areas like Appleton, Berlin, and Green Bay. If you need a laser eye surgeon in Green Bay check-out this clinic which is quite popular. Additionally, while it looks more expensive, it will actually save you more money in the long run as you wouldn’t have to visit the optometrist as often after eye surgery.

Finally, there’s the problem of getting enough sleep. Not sleeping enough causes a wide range of problems like sluggishness, slurred speech, and inability to think clearly–all hindrances to communicating and interacting with your children, and could possibly put you in danger as well. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute recommends keeping the same sleep schedule on weekdays and weeknights, having an hour of quiet time before your target sleep time, and avoiding smoking (which you should, anyway!) and coffee near your bedtime. Furthermore, they also recommend being physically active during the day, which leads us back to the importance of exercise.

In airplanes, they instruct you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first before your child in case of emergencies. There is a reason for that–you need to be safe to keep your children safe. The same holds true for parenting–be healthy, and you’ll be able to keep your kids healthy!

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How Parents Can Help Kids Avoid Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Alcohol and drug addiction is a tough problem to combat, though it can be done with commitment, proper support and right treatment. The sad reality is that not only adults are being addicted to these dangerous substances. Many youngsters are also exposed and are using these. Parents can do something to prevent their kids from going the wrong path. If you are a mom or dad and you want to know how to help your children avoid these substances, here are the things that you can do.

Talk to the Kids About It

Making this topic a taboo in your home wouldn’t solve the problem. There’s always a possibility that they would see it or hear it somewhere else. The best thing to do is arm them with knowledge. You can’t always control what they would see or hear outside but you can guide them so that even when they get exposed to unwanted situations, they would be able to make a sound decision. Let them know what alcohol and drugs are and their bad effects. Curiosity is one of the most common causes why children try these. If they know what they are and what they can do to them, there’s a bigger chance that they won’t try them.

Set Rules That Everyone Should Follow

Rules should be clearly set in your family. This should be followed by every member. For instance, everyone is not allowed to use drugs. Those who are under 21 years old should not drink and those who are should only drink moderately. They should not hang out with kids who are taking these substances. Follow the rules you set strictly. It’s also important that you set a good example.

Be Involved In Their Lives

Other common causes of substance abuse are peer pressure, personal problems and negligence in the family. See to it that you spend quality time with the whole family. Get involved, get to know their friends and let them know that you’re there to listen to them and that they can count on you.

In case your child or a loved one is addicted to these substances, there are treatment centers that can help you, like those in Orange County. A reliable center that offers drug and alcohol addiction treatment in Orange County will have a program that suits each of their clients.

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